Bacterial Culture

by Zoe Cormier, Toronto Standard

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"Using everything from briefcases full of rainbow-coloured excrement to DIY genetic modification kits, cutting-edge artists are revolutionizing the way we look at science."
"....At the crest of the movement is Synthetic Aesthetics, an initiative jointly run by Stanford University in California and the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, which supports long-term collaborations between scientists and designers (Ginsberg is a design fellow). “The aim is to explore rather than to advocate,” says Pablo Schyfter, a sociologist and a postdoctoral scholar with Synthetic Aesthetics. “We wanted to know, what could artists and designers bring to the field?” The process of researching requires scientists to be very focused on the particulars of their field. They can become too focused “on the Petri dish” as Ginsberg puts it, and insulated from thinking about the broader implications of their work."

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By Zoe Cormier, Toronto Standard
Published: April 25, 2011