Synthesis Workshop 2011 - admin - 13.12.10

Synthesis Workshop 2011

A hands-on synbio workshop in 2011

Synthesis is an intensive laboratory-based exchange between artists, synthetic biologists and engineers, collaboratively exploring synthetic biology's ideas and techniques and its social and cultural implications.

Artist Melanie Jackson will make a film from the exchange, incorporating interviews with participants and film of the practice of synthetic biology, exploring the thresholds of this new science. Forums and discussion events will broaden the exchange with the public.

The project has been initiated by The Arts Catalyst with Prof John Ward and Dr Jane Gregory from UCL, part of the BBSRC’s SynBion network, Synthetic Aesthetics' resident Oron Catts, Director of SymbioticA, University of Western Australia, and Synthetic Aesthetics.

The first exchange lab will take place in London in 2011, with further labs intended in the future.

This intiative is funded by a Wellcome Trust Arts Award, with support from UCL and Synthetic Aesthetics.

More details soon!